Hit Finding with WuXi AppTec

WuXi AppTec’s recently held seminar “Hit Finding with WuXi AppTec”, highlighted our various offerings in support of hit-finding, both through traditional high throughput screening and techniques that allow access to much broader libraries, such as virtual screening and DNA encoded libraries.

Attendees learned about WuXi’s more recent offerings in areas such as DNA encoded library services and the GalaXi virtual space, both of which provide access to screening against billions of compounds. Whether you attended this event in person in Boston and just want a refresher, or you are a scientist with new interest in our Hit Finding services, we invite you to view the event’s presentations below.

For questions and more information, please contact John Shirley, Sr. Director eCommerce, WuXi AppTec,


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Introduction, WuXi & LabNetwork Stock Libraries

Presenter: John Shirley   John Shirley is Senior Director of Sales and Marketing for LabNetwork, WuXi AppTec’s eCommerce business. John has nearly 25 years of experience in the discovery chemicals industry, specifically encompassing the areas of web development, marketing, business development, customer service and logistics. He spent nearly 19 years at Alfa Aesar, the research chemicals business of Johnson Matthey, where he developed numerous generations of fully integrated websites to service the needs of researchers in industries ranging from drug discovery to materials science. At WuXi, John helped develop the LabNetwork website and has recently been involved in the promotion of WuXi’s DNA encoded library technologies and associated services.


In Silico Screening by Molecular Modeling

Presenter: Li Xing    At WuXi AppTec, Dr. Xing leads the computational chemistry function responsible for discovery projects of diverse biological arena as well as modern technology advancement. Prior to joining WuXi, Dr. Xing was a principal investigator at Pfizer for more than fifteen years endeavoring on multiple disease areas including immunology and inflammation, oncology, and cardiovascular disorders. She is a major contributor to the discovery of multiple clinical candidates. Dr. Xing has published more than fifty peer-reviewed journal articles, two book chapters, and is the co-inventor of more than twenty patents. She received her Ph.D. in polymer science from Univ. of Akron, and double bachelor degrees from Tsinghua Univ.


The GalaXi™ Virtual Space: Efficient Access to Billions of Compounds from Novel WuXi Scaffolds

Presenter: Christian Lemmen    Dr. Christian Lemmen did his PhD in Thomas Lengauer's Lab at the GMD in Sankt Augustin and the University of Bonn for his work on the FlexS system for computational superposition of small molecules, which is commercially distributed worldwide. Beginning 1999, Dr. Lemmen worked as Senior Research Scientist at the DuPont Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories in San Francisco. In 2001 he co-founded BioSolveIT, a software company that specializes in fast, visual, and easy-to-use software that enables chemists to advance their research. Perceptive visualization helps you to understand computational results at a glance. Dr. Lemmen put BioSolveIT on a mission to develop software that is indispensable to drug discovery and, more importantly, software that is a pleasure to use every day.


Fragment Screening and Biophysics at Crelux

Presenter: Nuska Tschammer     Dr. habil. Nuska Tschammer is Senior Manager Scientific and Technical Leadership at Crelux, responsible for the development and execution of integrated drug discovery projects. Prior to joining Crelux, Nuska was the Head of Research and Development Biochemistry at NanoTemper Technologies. During her academic career, she obtained the MSc. in Chemistry at the University of Maribor, Slovenia, the Ph.D. degree in Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Central Florida, Orlando, USA, and successfully accomplished habilitation in Medicinal Chemistry at Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen, Germany. Her research resulted in about 60 publications and patents in the field of early drug discovery and later microscale thermophoresis.


DNA Encoded Library Platform: Over 90 Billion Compounds – A Variety of Business Models

Presenter: Letian Kuai    Letian Kuai received his B.S. from Nanjing University, China and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Rochester, NY, where his research focused on genome wide RNA degradation with Microarray technology. He then joined the Broad Institute as postdoctoral associate and research scientist, where he worked on cell-based high content HTS and target identification with integrative chemical genomics and proteomics. Then at GSK he  focused on technology improvement of DNA encoded library technology and platform capability expansion. In this capacity, he initiated and led a variety of projects outside the traditional hit identification space including drug delivery, PK extension and advanced manufacturing technologies. He joined WuXi AppTec in 2018 to lead the DNA Encoded Library platform.


High Throughput Screening: WuXi’s Libraries & Services

Presenter: Jonathan Swaffield    After gaining Biochemistry Bachelor and Doctorate Degrees at Sheffield & Manchester Universities, Jon completed Post-Doctoral studies at Duke University and UT Southwestern.  Following an appointment as Assistant Professor at NC State University, Jon joined Lexicon Pharmaceuticals as a Senior Scientist (Assay Development).  After greatly improving the capabilities of the HTS group, Jon led the Pharmaceutical Development group as Director. After a period as Technical Lead supervising a group of 25 scientists running routine early discovery assays, insourced at Eli Lilly, Jon has recently joined HDB / WuXi at Cranbury NJ as director of In Vitro Biology.