WuXi DEL Technology Service

A Snap Shot of WuXi DEL Capability Building

  • More than 90 billion synthetic compounds and growing.
  • International expert team located in North America, Asia and Europe.
  • Bioinformatics system to collect, process and analyze data and facilitate involvement of the client to make collective decisions.
  • Proven success with nano-molar hits in various target classes.
  • Flexible business model to accommodate different needs.


Highlight of Lab & Equipment

1,300+ square meters DEL lab designed for library production & screening.



WuXi Core Strength

  • On the basis of its strong chemistry capability, WuXi has built high quality and high diversity libraries. Covering the majority of the med chem space, the libraries have been built around 30,000 building blocks and 4,000 scaffolds, many of which are WuXi-customized structures.
  • WuXi utilizes a proprietary informatics system to facilitate data mining and customer involvement in decision making.
  • WuXi’s end-to-end  platform enables smooth transition from DEL hit to hit validation, leading to downstream medicinal chemistry activities.


WuXi Core Platform



General Work Flow for DEL Screening



DEL Service We Offer

Library Production Service

  • 25,000+ building blocks in stock
  • Unique multiple on-DNA reactions to build various chemical bonds
  • Ability to help customers design custom library and validate building blocks
  • Robust quality control procedures
  • 6-8 weeks delivery
  • Final library can be delivered to customer site or stored with WuXi for downstream screening

Affinity Screening Service

  • 100+ libraries (4000+ scaffolds) with 90 billion compounds all in one package
  • Flexible business model tailored to your specific needs
  • 4 weeks from protein to hit
  • State-of-the-art informatics to decipher the most from screening results

Follow-up Service

  • Dedicated team with 17+ years experience for custom synthesis
  • Comprehensive bioassay platform and ability to assay development


Business Model Options

  • Service request flexibility:

  • 1) Customized DEL library synthesis only
  • 2) Selection against WuXi’s Libraries only
  • 3) Both customized library synthesis and selections

  • Multiple business models to fit customers at different stages of financing and research. Royalty and milestones are not necessary.
  • Instant access to 90 billion molecules at affordable price.


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