Protein Expression and Purification

Construct Design

  • Commercial and proprietary vectors with multiple tags available
    Protein engineering

Recombinant Protein Expression

  • Expression in E. coli, insect cells, and mammalian cells

Native Protein Extraction

  • Protein purification
  • AKTA systems capable of automation
  • Membrane protein purification
  • Inclusion body refolding
  • Low endotoxin level

Protein Modification

  • Dephosphorylation, deglycosylation, biotinylation
  • Limited proteolysis


  • HPLC
  • LC-MS
  • Western blot

Protein Crystallization and Structure Determination

  • ~2000 commercial crystallization solutions
  • Crystallization screening by Mosquito
  • Co-crystallization or soaking to get protein-compound co-crystals
  • Data collection at synchrotron facilities, including SSRF, APS, ESRF, DLS
  • Solving phase problem using MR, MAD, SAD or MIR methods
  • Structure refinement using CCP4 software suite
  • Fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD)
  • Structure analysis and SBDD service


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